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STAR Mission 2020

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STAR Mission, which stands for Strengthening Tomorrow’s Academic Resources is our annual Pledge Drive. Once a school year we ask our families to support McPherson’s STEM Magnet Focus. Our goal is $250 per family, but we understand that not all families can budget for this, so any donation is welcome as we strive for 100% participation. As you may know, the District does not provide additional resources to McPherson just because we are a Magnet School. The Foundation was specifically created over 20 years ago by parents to support the Magnet Focus and is run by an all volunteer parent group with our net proceeds going directly back to the school to support Math, Science and Technology.

This year, we are offering 3 ways to support the STAR Mission:

  1. CROWDFUNDING: Register at by clicking “Not Registered For This Year’s Event”. and send out 10 emails. This allows you to invite friends and family to support your student(s) academic success. If you registered with us last year, all of your information will carry over and the process is quick and easy. If you are new to pledgestar, setting up your whole family takes less than 10 minutes. Call 1-888-598-7510 if you need help registering.
  2. DIRECT DONATION: The easiest, no-hassle way to participate is to donate $200 or more via check to McPherson Education Foundation or by credit card. Register at and after you’ve added your students, click “Donate Now”. (Registering helps us keep track of student T-shirt sizes, plus classroom and school participation goals.)
  3. SPONSORS: Help us find sponsors. All fundraisers have costs associated with them, including printing, credit card fees, prizes and events. Last year we kept our costs at about 5% because of sponsors and this year we want them even lower. Corporate and Small Business sponsors help keep our costs low and allow more of your donation to go directly back to the school. Land a sponsor for us and all of your students receive every incentive available. If you know a business that would be interested in supporting our mission, please refer them to

NEW THIS YEAR! All prizes are family based, meaning if your family reaches the $250 fundraising level, every child enrolled at McPherson in the family gets the $250 prize and everything below! Attached is the prize list for reference. 

We are also proud to announce this year a CUSTOMIZED LEGACY BRICK for your family if you reach the $250 fundraising level! This brick will be installed at the front entrance to the school near the meteor and will serve as a permanent reminder of your family’s support of McPherson and its STEM magnet focus.

We look forward to an incredible turn out. Thank you for supporting our STAR Mission.

For more information, click here to see our STAR Mission 2020 flyer with incentive, prize information and boarding pass.

Boarding Pass Instructions

  1. Go to and choose the option that best fits your family.
  2. Once complete, fill out a Boarding Pass (see attached) for each student and have them bring to the quad tomorrow morning for a FREE donut and entry into the Disneyland Raffle.

Donation Collection

All online donations are processed directly by McPherson Education Foundation via PayPal to minimize overhead.

All checks should be made payable to “McPherson Education Foundation”.

For cash and checks collected during the pledge drive: 

  1. Add them to your online register.
  2. Place them in an envelope with your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s/homeroom teacher’s name.
  3. Turn the envelope in at the Education Foundation Table on the morning of Thursday, February 13.

School Goals

We’ve combined STAR Mission and Color Run this year to minimize fundraising requests on our families. Every student participates in Color Run on Thu, March 26, 2020.

If at least 70% of our families participate in one of the 3 ways above by Thursday, February 13, the entire school will get to see the Principal get SLIMED!

If we reach our funding goal of $80,000, the entire school will get to participate in a BMX Show Assembly.
If your classroom gets 90% or more student participation, they win a pizza party and the teacher gets a technology grant to upgrade their classroom.